"A Trail of Crumbs..."
An exciting, fun and challenging quest to 10 forgotten locations!

Have you had certain places in the Fallout 3 world that you may have only visited a time or two, and then simply forgot about? There are quite a few places in the game that really have little reason to visit other than just exploration. For example, how many times have you been through Mama Dolce's or the Chryslus Building? How about Fort Bannister or the Red Racer Factory? If you are like me, you may not have visited those places very often or maybe not even at all! So, I decided to create a quest that will send the player to some of these locations. See Locations page for complete list.

The quest encompasses 10 separate locations to explore where you will find a hidden key and a modest amount of loot in a safe. Once you find the key, you will receive the coordinates to the next location to explore to find the next key and so on and so on. The final key is the key to a hidden underground bunker at Fort Constantine which the CO used as a "spider hole". It's access was blocked from inside and the only way in is through a locked cistern by the house.

To start the quest make your way to the little patio area behind the Chryslus Building. You will find an honery Talon Merc named Bubba who will help you on your way.

Do NOT let the simplicity of the design of this quest fool you! It is designed to get increasingly more difficult as you progress, and the final 3 or 4 stages should produce some of the best battles in the game. (At least this author feels it does!) If I have been successful, it should offer a nice, fun challenge for players of all skill levels.

NOTE: I recommend making the quest active in your Quests screen of the Pipboy to help guide you along. Each stage is marked with quest markers for where you need to go next. And while not necessary to do so, it is recommended that this quest be started with a lower level (around 5 or so) or even a brand new character for the best gameplay and most fun experience. If you are a level 30 character with all the overpowered perks you can get from Point Lookout and the rest of the game in general, NOTHING is much of a challenge at that point.