Back to the Future

A Follower Friendly Update to cdaggers "Built For The Future" mod
(contains numerous new features!)


2-21-10 - NEW VERSION 2.0 - Updates include a marked quest titled "Daggerhead Base"


--> Version 2.0 makes a few significant changes including adding a "marked" quest for the base. The gameplay is exactly as the first version, but it just adds a marked quest to help you as you go along. I added a modest amount of XP for each stage of the quest.

--> All new entrance and exit doors. I was never really thrilled with the way I set up the teleport doors with the first version. I just felt touching a rock and a push button switch were not very realistic and a little lame. So, this version changes the teleport doors to a hatch outside up above, and a ladder to a hatch in the bar. I think that it's just a little more realistic. (At least as realistic as these things can be, lol.)

--> Complete overhaul of lighting. (See pics of new lighting here.)One of the only things I didn't absolutely love from the original version was the green tint to everything inside the base. So, this version changes the lighting to something a little more neutral in color. The contrast is really nice and the colors really come to life with these changes. I also softened up a couple of the "kicker" lights that I felt were too bright and caused certain areas to "wash out" due to the brightness. These changes are in the bar and armory, and they really soften up the brightness quite a bit.

NOTE: For users of V1.0 who wish to update to V2.0, you should only have to download the new file and overwrite it over the first one in your Data folder. I would always make a backup of the original just in case. Also, I would probably just exit the base and fast travel somewhere else like Springvale or whatnot, and then fast travel back to the entrance just to re-load the cell. When you enter the base via the new hatch, it will probably trigger the completion script for the new quest. Also, if you never picked up the Daggerhead Master key from the oroginal version you will HAVE to do so to use the new hatch. (You can still use the Portal though)

DAGGERHEAD JOURNAL EXCERPT - Friday 17 Aug, 2277 - 10:34 AM: The awful sound of that Vault 101 door rolling shut is one that I will never forget - the sound that shut me out of the only life I have ever known and away from the only woman I have ever loved. It took several minutes for my eyes to adjust to the sun. And as my sight began to focus I made my way down the hill to a "Scenic Overlook" area. As I did, a light flashed in the corner of my eye coming from the top of the little blue sign. What is that? A Key? That's odd. For whatever reason I stuck it in my pocket and started down the hill towards the burned out houses I saw below. But just as I reached the road I saw something else that seemed bizarre to me. There was some sort of glowing, pulsating light in the rocks below, so I went to see what it was. To my astonishment I saw some sort of silver crate where the light was coming from. When I tried to lift the lid it wouldn't open and then it dawned on me. It couldn't be, could it? I slipped the key I had found out of my pocket and it slid perfectly into the lock. After all I had been through that morning I couldn't imagine anything getting more bizarre, but the note I found in the crate utterly scared the hell out of me. It began with:

"Hello Friend. How's it going? Let's see if I can guess. You've escaped Vault 101 with the help of Amata, Jonas is dead, your dad left also and now you're looking for him. And now you're wondering how someone could know all this, write it on a disk and put it here for you to find right after it all happened so recently. Kind of unsettling isn't it? I know Id be thinking the same thing. I wish I could tell you how I know, but I cant, I'm sorry. I have to be very careful not to interfere. Not to, shall we say…"change things", at least as much as I can. I'm already taking a great risk just getting this note to you. However, I will tell you what I can, what you need to know for now. I can't tell you much more right now except that I have a base out there somewhere and people that will help you. I cant tell you where yet, there are… things you must do first. I wish I could explain, I'm sorry its just how it has to be for now.

Your friend..."

So begins the Quest for Daggerhead Base...

First and foremost, this website is as much of a tribute to "cdagger" (the creator of the Built for the Future mod for Fallout 3) than anything. Without cdaggers hard work and exceptional skill to not only create "Daggerhead" itself, but his vision and creativity with the story line and quest to find the base, none of the modest contributions I have made to this mod would have been possible. Thank you cdagger for all of the many, many hours of enjoyment I have gotten out of using your mod, and for the opportunity to use your work as a starting point for my education in the modding process! It is to you and your work that this site is dedicated!

Also, I would be remiss if I did not thank raveage for starting all of this for me by adding the ability to bring followers into the base in the first place. After he set up the teleport mechanism and I was able to populate the base the first time, I mustered up the motivation and determination to try and add more of the features I wanted to see in the base. Thank you, raveage, for your help as well!

With that being said, what exactly is "Back to the Future"? Well, it is an enhanced or tweaked version of the original Built for the Future mod with several key updates. The updates include a means of teleportation for your followers, a new automated sorter, many radios added for the music buff, added new NPC's and makeovers for the original NPC's. Please see the New Features page for a complete list. It is now a "follower friendly" player home with all the bell's and whistles that you could ever need for a high-tech and luxurious combat command center or base of operations for Fallout 3. The base has my updates, as well as all of its original features including:

--> a HUGE armory stocked with hundreds of weapons and TONS of explosives and ammo

--> a specious barracks area with 16 beds for your squad to choose from

--> a fully operational Science & Medical Lab stocked with supplies & Doctors

--> a Facial Reconstruction machine

--> a tool room full of parts & schematics for custom weapons

--> a community bath/shower area with radiation removing water

--> a gorgeous CO Quarters with Well Rested bed, rad removing shower, wet bar and lots of storage

--> an Engineering area where NPC's keep things working properly

--> a trophy "War Room" with dozens of pedestals to display items from your exploits as The Lone Wanderer

--> more storage containers than you could ever need all conveniently placed in all the main areas

--> a fully stocked bar & grill with lots of food and alcohol in storage


I hope you will browse the rest of the site for lots more information, screen shots and a couple of videos of the base. Thank you for looking!